Testimonials for Toby Leflang Consulting

Toby markets exceptional products to our Military that enhance people’s lives..

Toby is a detail-oriented manager who watches every aspect of his business. He never loses sight of the strategic objective, and always has an open mind. It is a privelege to have him on my team.

Bounce ideas off of him, wait a few days, and be surprised! Toby is a self-starter and a true people connector. I have never seen anyone with such close personal relationships. He has become one of my best friends and SendOutCards Team members.

Toby is an absolute professional and dedicated to providing a relationship in his business endeavors. He has become one of my best friends!

David and Gina Demangos

Real Eastate Broker, Awesome San Diego Real estate

I’ve known Toby and worked with him for a short time, but from the start was very impressed with his genuine demeanor, his professionalism and his knowledge of his industry. He is a pleasure to work with, a great person to bounce ideas around with, as well as a excellent source of support and encouragement. I’m glad I have the opportunity to work alongside Toby in building his business and look forward to great things with his company.

Pamela Wake


“I consider Toby a melting pot of talent; the idea guru. When it comes to thinking outside the box, Toby built the box and is looking in. I have learned much about marketing, advertising, branding, and PR from Toby in the last eight years, but continue to live in amazement with the ideas that flow from Toby’s head. He is the Einstein of Conviction.

When I first met him I was happy to hear his take on Marketing, with not only keeping his colleagues as family, but also making his customers part of the family as well. He’s been part of the largest Branding and Marketing companies in the world. However, most of them were more worried about their bottom line than making the customer happy. Let’s keep the customers happy for years to come and the bottom line will follow.”

Jim Hall

President/Creative Director

Toby is exceptional at marketing, sales, & networking. He is an admired asset to his team and is always putting himself in the other person’s position strategically to see what avenues work best for success. He’s very creative and produces consistent results time after time. He has helped me in my business by sharing both his time and years of wisdom and advise.

I have also used his Send Out Cards system to help me with client retention, new referrals, keeping in touch with networking partners, and as a unique approach to marketing for new business. I highly recommend Toby for any business that is interested in growing fast and needs help with marketing.

Jim Starron

Property Manager